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I Help  Parents Prepare  Their Kids for Tomorrow

Stephen reaches out to parents and guides them on their task of raising kids.


Stephen's Intro Video

Stephen’s mission is to help kids take charge of their lives  as they move to adulthood.


Stephen reaches out to parents and guides them on their task of raising kids. 


About Stephen


Stephen’s life has involved kids since he was one himself.


He earned his Eagle Scout badge at a young age and went on as a junior leader to help others achieve their scouting goals. His own kids, and others, benefited from his coaching skills – baseball, softball, and soccer – while also helping them train in martial arts and work towards black belts.

Of course, he and his kids got into scouts – Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Now that his kids are older, he has turned his years of tech and consulting experience to helping parents prepare their kids for the changing future.

He also has written books for middle grade students and holds workshops that help kids use their imagination and write their own stories. To help with his own imagination, his family (6 kids one of which is still in middle school, 4 dogs, some cats, and fish) provide him with plenty of fun and adventure.

Stephens Talks


 1. Future Workforce Without Fear 

Technology is changing our world, and the speed this is happening has increased due to world events over the last several years. Parents raising their kids with the same work ethics of the past are doing them a disservice.

Tomorrow’s workforce will not look like the ones we grew up with, or even what we've had the last decade. Our kids will not be prepared for the jobs they face, and we must prepare them now.
In this talk, parents are shown the trends and trajectory that various forces are taking that lead to the changed workforce. The options for kids are discussed and what can be done now so they’re ready for tomorrow.

 2. Future Skills: Writing Stories for Video Games 

There are many opportunities our kids will have in the future. My specialties are computers and stories. These two skills can provide our kids with job opportunities in the $155 billion dollar industry. 

Creating stories for video games is a needed skill that few have. The ability to craft a great story and understand how that makes a great video game is already a high demand job.

In this workshop, kids will learn the basics of crafting and excellent video game story and then learn the basics to program their own video game. That's 2 skills they'll be working on that they can apply in the future.

Stephens Testimonials


Eric Schlaubach

Rotary of Ravenna Club President July 2019-June 2020


"We had the pleasure of having Stephen Schneider speak to our group in 2019.  We enjoyed his enthusiasm and information presented during his talk.


"It is evident that he has much experience and loves public speaking.  We would have him back at any point to present any information he has. His discussion was most motivational and kept our attention."

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